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30 min
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Irresistible tiramisu recipe with espresso soaked ladyfingers layered with a light cream!
sponge fingers
500 g mascarpone
500 g sweet double cream
350 ml espresso
4 egg yolks
7 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp Disaronno
cocoa powder

Tiramisu – what more can I say about this dessert? It’s a simple yet delicious recipe.

First you should make the coffee so that it has time to cool, otherwise the lady fingers will absorb too much of it and we will not get the desired consistency.

Mix the egg yolks with sugar until it forms a whitish cream – looking like foam. Fold the egg yolks into the mascarpone cream.  Beat the double cream and  mix it with the above composition.

You can put seeds from a vanilla pod or a dash of brandy in the cream. This time I put a little Disaronno in the coffee, but you can also put brandy or amaretto.

Mount the cake as follows: on the bottom of a tray / dish place a layer of moist ladyfingers in coffee, then a thick layer of cream and a layer of ladyfingers and another layer of cream.

Over the last layer of cream, sprinkle some cocoa powder.

The Tiramisu should be left overnight in the refrigerator.

Enjoy it!

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