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Total time:
15 min
Word from cook:
Tzatziki - a Greek salad that’s very easy to make at home and is also very delicious.
400 g fat Greek yogurt (you can use any yogurt, but for a creamy consistency and authentic taste, it should be a Greek one)
Olive oil
6 small cucumbers (or a very large one)
a dill
2-3 cloves of garlic (depending on your taste)
a tablespoon of lemon juice

Start off with the cucumbers, which should be peeled and then grated. Sprinkle a little salt over them and leave them to drain while preparing the yogurt.

Mix the yogurt and the olive oil by stirring constantly while pouring the oil little by little until the yogurt changes its taste and you can taste the olives.

Add the crushed garlic cloves, cucumbers (which should be very well drained), dill, lemon juice and, if needed, add salt. Leave the mix in the refrigerator for at least one hour before serving.

Although we made double portions, we finished it immediately! 🙂 This is a recipe with which we can spoil ourselves at anytime.

 Enjoy it!

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